Free Punk Rock MP3 Downloads

Due to unprecedented demand, the mp3 downloads have been disabled. If you want a track, please Contact us, and we will email the file to you.

Choose from our selection of tracks:

  • 2 from the "On The Job" CD which has been turning the music industry on its head;
  • 1 old favourite; and
  • 2 tracks that are exclusive (in digital format) to this website.

But wait……………………….THERE"S MORE !!! They’re all absolutely FREE. No salesman will contact you, no more to buy ever!!

From "On the Job with Bladder Bladder Bladder:"

  • "On the Wagon" (2.9MB) – Energetic tribute to the thirst that dare not speak its name.
  • "Crime Pays" (2.6MB) – Cheerful Clashy-esque tosh about Highland Avenue and crime (or something.)

Exclusive tracks: Be the envy of the other kids in your chatroom. Previously available only on 7" vinyl and they probably won’t be available anywhere else again:

  • "No Go Girl" (2.6MB) – A real browser-arouser – "Lolita" condensed into a 2 and a half minute race of breathless punk rock thrash.
  • "One Man March, One Man Riot" (3.5MB) – More cheerful Clashy-esque tosh about Los Angeles (with some nice Johnny Thunders/"19th Nervous Breakdown" style guitar strafing at the end.)

The one that started the whole phenomenon:

  • "US Dole Queue" (3MB) – This hard-to-find gem is now available to you at the same everyday low price that you’ve come to associate with the Bladder© brand. A UK punk song about the US or a US punk song by a UK band? Either way it’s still cheerful Clashy-esque tosh. Only you, the listener can decide.

So send those votes in. Remember – the Clap-o-Meter’s just for fun.

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