Bladder Bladder Bladder: Punk Rock Professionals

Originally formed in England by Mick Bladder and Alex Van Der Chaos, the band has been through several lineup changes and enjoyed a rollicking rollercoaster ride along Fortune’s ups and downs. Forsaking all home comforts and civilized touches, they relocated to Los Angeles, their cynical outlook sitting uneasily beside the swimming pool and palm trees.

The small town Bladder boys’ luck finally turned when they managed to recruit London Punk Rock Guitar Legend Sterling Paramour who had given up dreams of rock stardom and was instead seeking a career in the field of professional drinking.

After a succession of drummers passed through their ranks, the lads happened upon B.L. Ward, who opened up their eyes to the potential of drumsticks as lethal weapons.

Finally, after combining Sterling’s songs and B.L.’s BEAT with the innate magic of Mick and Alex, the stage now seems set…..


Punk Rock Professionals