On the Job with Bladder Bladder Bladder

On the Job
The first full-length
CD. 12 tracks of 77 style, guitar driven punk-rock music


This is it!
Punk rock that’s Real

23 tracks, over 70 minutes of uncompromising, authentic Streetpunk from
Bladder Bladder Bladder, Dropkick Murphys, The Prostitutes, The Working
Stiffs, Moral Crux, Dead End Kids, The Choice, The Reducers, Spent Idols,
Dimestore Haloes
and many more!!

british punk

British Punk
Rock Invasion Vol. 5

A delightful German released compilation showcasing 5 contemporary British
punk bands (including The Stains). 6 tracks from Bladder Bladder
– all previously unreleased and/or new improved recordings.
Lavish full colour booklet includes pictures of bands drinking beer.

punk rock bands


Featuring a breathtaking array of talent, from the ever-lovely Snap-Her
to the even lovelier

Bladder Bladder Bladder.
Plus the devasting assault of US Bombs AND rare/unreleased contributions
from The Business, 999, Nashville Pussy, ADZ, Randumbs, Bodies, Authority,
The Ducky Boys, Poison Idea, JFA, Damnation
……the list goes on!!

If you can count to 26 – THAT’S how many tracks there are!

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Punk Rock Professionals