Bladder single

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"No Control/Slots
o’ Fun"

"Slots o’ Fun" – Mick’s touching tribute to his ancestral
homeland, Las Vegas.
"No Control" – Another one for Clash/SLF fans. Chirpy
little guitar riffs and melodic bleating about something or other.

streetpunk single

“No Go Girl” EP

4 sizzling tracks of Punk Rock naughtiness (all previously unreleased.)

“Now Wave” magazine exclaimed: “4 catchy anthems that personify all that
has ever been great about Punk Rock”!!
Limted quantities left on blue vinyl.

streetpunk smash hit

US Dole Queue/White
American National Killer

The single that started it all: Bladder’s classic anti wage-slavery
Split single with Boston’s Punk Rock martyrs, the Mighty, Mighty Dimestore
dig your stylus into their wounds and believe!

Very limited quantities

oi oi single release

Battle for the
Airwaves Vol 1

Join the “Designated Drinking Drivers”, Bladder Bladder Bladder
as they take a boozy trip with the legendary John, Stan and Lou to Bovver
Plus Sonoma’s own incredible Bodies AND San Francisco’s
fantastic, but always reliable Working Stiffs.

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Punk Rock Professionals