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Sex, DRUMS and Rock ‘n’ Roll
Sex, DRUMS & Rock 'n' Roll

In this limited edition new book, Revillos’ sticksman Nicky Forbes (Rocky Rhythm) draws on his musical escapades in the 1970s punk scene and beyond into the 1980s.

Delve into The Rhythm Method and be part of the euphoric high of appearing on Top Of The Pops and playing gigs across the world: you’ll be there, backstage, onstage, and back in the hotel room… You’ll sign to Virgin and record at Abbey Road, have sordid sex in low places, be idolised, be discarded.

The author throws you right inside the band’s van, on an ill-advised and relentless tour across America. You’ll be in the thick of the squabbles, the high jinks, laughs and punch-ups. And you’ll hang out with dozens of famous groups and characters from a fascinating period of recent musical history.

Published 16 June 2008 with a limited edition cover designed by renowned lowbrow fetish artist Vince Ray, The Rhythm Method is destined to become an instant cult classic.

Buy it Here

Link Wray: 5/2/1929 – 5/5/2005

Rumble !!

Scott Gottlieb – RIP

We are all tremendously sad to learn of the untimely death of Scott Gottlieb, drummer with Bleed The Dream.

Scott played drums with Bladder Bladder Bladder a number of years ago. We remember the enthusiasm, ideas, good humour and incredible drumming talent he brought to our band.

He was a great drummer, a lovely person and a great friend. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

Kid Krupa – RIP

Another tragic loss – Kid Krupa, guitarist extraordinaire with The Revillos. Fantastic musician, producer and all-round good geezer. Read more about him here.

“77 PATADAS: Reconstrucción 77-82”
Hear the Bladder track on this great compilation issued in Argentina:

  1. Zona 84 “Control Total” (The Clash)
  2. Katarro Vandaliko “TCP” (The Boys)
  3. The Booked “Holidays in the Sun” (Sex Pistols)
  4. Bladder Bladder Bladder “You’re Ready Now” (versionada originalmente por Slaughter & The Dogs)
  5. Payasos Tristes “Where are they now ?” (Cock Sparrer)
  6. Bombshell Rocks “State of Emergency” (Stiff Little Fingers)
  7. Argies “The Prisioner” (The Clash)
  8. The Pushers “Caught with the meat in your mouth” (Dead Boys)
  9. Oi! the Arrase “Solidarity” (Angelic Upstarts)
  10. F.I.N. “Waiting for you” (The Lurkers)
  11. Blanks 77 “I never needed you” (The Partisans)
  12. The Transfusions “No Brains” (Eater)
  13. MCD “Lola” (versión de ” Woman ” de Anti Nowhere League)
  14. Alta Tensión “Chaos” (4 Skins)
  15. Espias Secretos “What’s it like to be old?” (Cock Sparrer)
  16. N.E.D.P. “In the City” (The Jam)
  17. HorrorShow “Attack” (Blitz)
  18. Zona 84 “Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldnt’t’ve)” (Buzzcocks)
  19. Descontento Juvenil “Harry Up Harry” (Sham 69)
  20. Last Warning “Violence in our minds” (The Last Resort)
  21. Under the Gun “Blank Generation” (Richard Hell & The Void-Oids)

http://www.fueradeordenrecords.com/ for more info. 77 PATADAS: Reconstrucción 77-82

Be sure to check out Mick Bladder‘s Flyer Museum.

The girl can't help it.... Who’s this ? And what does she want with you ? And where did she get that classy outfit ? And how did her stockings get like that ? Visit the newly re-vamped ‘News’ page to find out.

And while you’re on the ‘News’ page, have a look at some dynamic live shots of Bladder Bladder Bladder live at the Roxy and relive the excitement of that exhilarating evening !


No Control 7 " Yet another exhilarating single release from Bladder Bladder Bladder. Due to overwhelming demand from Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll, 77RPM Records have issued this soon-to-be classic vinyl treat.

Priced to own at only $4, the two songs on this unassuming little gem will further shove the boot of recognition up the nation’s collective consciousness with regards to Bladder Bladder Bladder’s talents.

The tracks are:

  • “Slots o’ Fun” – Mick’s touching tribute to his ancestral homeland, Las Vegas.
  • “No Control” – Another one for Clash/SLF fans. Chirpy little guitar riffs and melodic bleating about something or other.

Only $4 including US postage. Order your copy now.

MP3 TRACKS NOW AVAILABLE ! Click HERE to visit the MP3 page and sample the “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job ©” Sound of Bladder Bladder Bladder.


ON THE JOB Bladder Bladder Bladder are proud to announce the release of their new full-length CD, “On the Job”.
The 12 track CD consists entirely of never-before released material: 4 new recordings of classic Bladder hits and 8 brand new punk rock songs!!
The full track listing is:

  • “Demand the Impossible”;
  • “Designated Drinking Driver”;
  • “On the Wagon”;
  • “Turn of The Century”;
  • “Rise” (Public Image cover);
  • “Crime Pays”;
  • “Carry on Swanking”;
  • “Knock Out Drops”;
  • “This World is not enough”;
  • “Living Another Lie”;
  • “You’re Ready Now” (Slaughter and the Dogs cover); and
  • “Never Surrender.”

Fans of Clash / Sex Pistols style UK punk rock are sure to love this. The sound on this CD features the catchy, tuneful rowdy chorus vocals that you’ve come to expect and more raucous, driving guitars than ever !!


In addition to the heady delight of having their own Bladder CD, the first buyers will also receive a limited edition repackaging of the very first Bladder Bladder Bladder 7″ single: “Passport to Women” b/w “Downtown”.
This hard to find classic recording can be yours, absolutely free, with the purchase of “On the Job with Bladder Bladder Bladder” from this website only!!!
While supplies last !!
   Sorry Suckers – All Gone !


This Timeless Classic is available from the address below for the knock-down price of only $10. Checks/money orders only please (US funds), payable to “M. Ward.”
A couple of Likely Lads


Bladder Bladder Bladder are keen to introduce the good old Punk Rock practice of acquiring other peoples’ spare change to the Internet.
Send your spare change to:

7301 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles
CA 90046 USA

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